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We are a group of university-based researchers investigating how families with more than two children are coping with the benefit cap and/or the two-child limit.

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If you’re part of a larger family that has been affected by the two-child limit or the benefit cap and you are living in Bradford, York, or Greenwich or Tower Hamlets in London, then we would love to hear from you.

Our aim is to understand the challenges you face, so that we can document the impact of these policies, and help politicians make better decisions.

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What are the benefit cap and the two-child limit?

There have been a number of changes to the benefits system in recent years. Two changes that have been particularly important are the introduction of the benefit cap and the two-child limit.

Firstly, the household benefit cap limits the total amount of benefit income some low-earning or non-employed households can receive.

Secondly, the two-child limit limits support provided through Tax Credits and Universal Credit to two children in a household (for children born after April 2017).

How are we researching?

We want to hear about people’s experiences of the benefit cap and the two-child limit and so we are talking to people about the everyday struggles and challenges they are facing.

We are also using large-scale, statistical data to understand how other people affected by these policies are coping with these changes.

Our research is being supported by the Nuffield Foundation

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